Systems Engineering Network


All ThruLife’s supportability activities are undertaken using a Systems Engineering interdisciplinary approach to ensure holistic integration, co-ordination and co-operation, to enable the realisation of successful systems.

ThruLife achieves this through their Systems Engineering Network, comprising:

  • Core Team — ThruLife’s professional staff are all subject matter experts; professionally qualified and experienced.
    • Network Hub — SME’s located at ThruLife
    • Away Teams — SME’s deployed singularly or as teams at Customer’s sites and supported through the Network Hub.
  • Trusted Associates — ThruLife’s Trusted Associates possess similar skills to the ThruLife Core Team to augment capability in support of rapid response and escalation, or skills that can extend the core capability.
  • Collaborative Industrial Partnerships — CIP’s are used to enhance and extend the envelope of ThruLife’s support services, through such services as Software Development and Technical Publications production.

The Systems Engineering Network is very agile and responsive, able to adapt rapidly to the needs of the Customer. This approach reduces risk and cost significantly as Customer’s and Team members have access to all areas of expertise at all times. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.